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Abstract thought tastes like macaroni salad and if that's the case then call my mind an obese genius consuming a vast feast of heady brainwork. "You don't have to be a good person to be a hero." "Does my mundane personality and average body turn you on?"

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Muri, hi you don’t know me but I just wanna let you know that Chandrani is like…the most gorgeous character ever.


Sculptor & Artist:

Natasha Cousens

"Doe Ray Me"

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i wanna be haunted 
i wanna be loved 
i want a lot of friends and 
a lot of drugs 
i wanna be haunted 
i won’t leave my bed 
i won’t go crazy and 
i won’t get sad 
so haunt me haunt me haunt me

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dry the river - weights & measures

i was prepared to love you,
and never expect anything of you

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Quick “reblog”/reminder.

Print are available on society6, I’ll remove them at the end of september.

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The evilest of all spicy witch brews, of course.

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Gorillaz - Tomorrow Comes Today

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